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          Cancel, Drop, Withdrawal, and Credit Hour Change


          Cancel - A "Cancel" refers to dropping any or all course sections prior to the first day of class for that term. Full (100%) refunds are available for cancellations.

          Drop - After the semester begins, if you are registered in more than one course, a "Drop" refers to dropping one (or more), but not all, of the courses in which you are registered. Full (100%) refunds are only available for drops prior to the 10th Day. After the 10th Day there is no refund available for dropped courses.

          Withdrawal - A "Withdrawal" refers to dropping all course sections on or after the first day of class for that term. Please note that the University charges a pro-rata withdrawal fee of $50 and you can visit our Calendar for available refund percentages and deadlines.

          Credit Hour Change - A "Credit Hour Change" refers to changing the number of hours you are registered for in a course.



          Admitted MSAE, MSCE, MCS, and MSME Degree Students

          Cancel or Withdraw - All degree students, please fill out and submit the Withdrawal / Cancellation form to your department.

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          Drop & Credit Hour Change - To drop or change your credit hours before 10th Day, please use the Web Self-Service system. To drop or change your credit hours after 10th Day, please fill out and submit the Late Registration & Late Course Change form (please note that a refund will not be available for dropped course(s) and/or to reduce course credit from 4 to 3 hours for the extra credit hour after 10th Day).

          All Non-Degree Students

          Cancel, Drop, Withdrawal, & Credit Hour Change - Please fill out and submit the Change of Status Form. Please note that a refund will not be available for dropped course(s) after the 10th Day.